Christmas Cake Recipes

Christmas Cake Recipes, from Dry to Wet

The presence of dessert and pastries is the perfect complement in the warmth of Christmas. Even though there were already a few sellers of pastries and sweet snacks ahead of Christmas, the variations were limited. Often we are saturated with that, and the price also wants to be expensive.

But calm down, we can't be sad, we can create our own Christmas cake that is more delicious and special with ten recipes below.

1. Stained Glass Christmas Cookies

Stained glass cookies are a brilliant blend of crispy biscuits and sweets. Before baking, the middle element of the dough is filled with candy that has been crushed or crushed. When melting and following the fringe format, the shiny candy surface will look beautiful and tempting.

2. M & M Cookie Bar

M & M chocolate candy that is mixed in this cake does not melt aka it remains crispy in the element of the sugar layer. Contrast with the texture of the cake that is soft and not much tasty. Yummy!

3. Christmas Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate painting chips are among the most preferred variants. With not a lot of touch of icing sugar and fondant, this chocolate painting looks more sweet and attractive!

4. Cookie Thumbprint Hours

The grated coconut in the outer element of the cookie will give an attractive attractive texture. Not to mention the savory combination of butter, fragrant vanilla, and the fresh fruit jam enhancing its taste increasingly rich.

5. Harry Potter Exploding Bon Bons

Surprise your family and relatives with this Harry Potter Exploding Bon Bons! After biting the soft biscuit dough and the sweetness of the chocolate on the outside, popping candy in it will explode on the tongue. To be sure, it was really exciting to see their expressions when they were surprised.

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