How to Make Kimbab in Your Own Home

How to Make Kimbab in Your Own Home

The end of the year holiday has arrived, besides the holidays it turns out culinary can also be an option to fulfill leisure time. Creating creative cuisine by itself will surely impress itself.

For those of you KPop lovers will definitely feel familiar with this one food, Kimbab is named. Kimbab at first glance is similar to sushi but there are still differences. Let's look at each step to create a kimbab.

1. Material needed

The ingredients for creating Kimbab are not difficult, quite easily found near us.

  •     Nori or seaweed to taste.
  •     Sufficient rice.
  •     Sausage
  •     Egg
  •     Vinegar
  •     Cucumber
  •     Water

2. Tools needed

A number of supporting tools are needed as follows:

  •     Kimbab roll (rolls)
  •     Knife
  •     Cutting board
  •     Plate
  •     Spoon

3. The steps to make, it's easy

  1. Prepare supporting ingredients such as sausages, eggs and seaweed / nori, then proceed according to your will as eggs are made into scrambled eggs and fried sausages.
  2. Prepare enough white rice and give vinegar and not much water and stir until smooth.
  3. Expand the seaweed / nori on the kimbab roll, then evenly distribute the rice to all parts of the nori but leave a little space at the end of the nori. Solidify the rice by reducing using a spoon until it feels solid.
  4. Fill the kimbab with toppings like an omelette, fried sausage to cucumber that has been shaved to taste. Arrange in such a way that makes it easier to roll.
  5. Gently roll the kimbab mixture because the mixture is very easy to mess if it's wrong when you roll it, to the point of making sure you roll it carefully.
  6. Cut the nori rolls that have been filled with toppings into a number of pieces, using a sharp knife to make it easier when shaving the kimbab mixture and avoiding the destruction of the kimbab mixture.
  7. Kimbab is ready to be served and carried out plating to taste.

Making kimbab style kitchen location to stay is not difficult right? so many ingredients needed are also easy to get near the nearest market or supermarket.

Come fill your vacation by creating in the kitchen.

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