Kastengel Cake Recipe, Fun Snack in the Rainy Season Lazy

Kastengel Cake Recipe, Fun Snack in the Rainy Season Lazy

Kastengel is a dry cake that is familiar to the people of Indonesia. This pastry made from cheese is often seen in many big celebrations, like Eid al-Fitr.

Kastengel also includes cookies that are easy for beginners to create. The manufacturing process is not very complicated and the ingredients are easily found. Well, for those of you who plan to create Kastengel cakes, here are a few tips for making your cake crisper and certainly not going to fail.

1. Don't shake the mixture too long

Kastengel is generally rectangular, with a length of 3-4 cm and a width of 1 cm. When mixing wet and dry dough, stir until all ingredients are well mixed and the texture is rather dense ready to be printed.

Avoid stirring too long, because it can make the castengel texture hard. In addition, stirring too long will create a castengel mixture to widen when baking. To work around this, use finely sifted dry ingredients, so that the kneading process doesn't take too long.

2. Use low protein flour

Usually pastries can be made with two types of flour, namely low protein flour and medium protein flour (versatile). However, in order to produce a castierel texture that is crisper and durable, it is recommended to use low protein flour.

This type of flour is low in gluten, to the point that Kastengel will feel crisper when cooked. Before mixing in the mixture, try to sift the flour first so that it is more easily mixed.

3. Use weighted cheese | weighted | quality and has strong fragrances

Cheese is the main ingredient of kastangel cake. The pleasure of this pastry depends on the cheese you choose. Therefore, use weighted cheese | weighted | quality and has strong fragrances.

Use gouda or parmesan cheese as a filling, and cheddar cheese as a cake topping. You can grate the parmesan cheese and let it dry so the castengel cake becomes crisper.

4. Apply it the egg yolk when the Kastengel is half cooked

To make the surface look prettier, apply the beaten egg yolk when the castengel is half cooked. Take out the slime first and do it quickly so the castengel temperature doesn't change dramatically.

Brush the egg yolks 2-3 times. Give pause of 5-10 minutes each time applying egg yolk, so that the yolk color is absorbed into the surface of the cake.

5. Let the castengel stand until it cools before packing

Mature Kastengel try not to be packaged immediately. The hot temperature can become moist when it enters a jar or a closed container.

If it's not cared for too long, the texture of the cake will not be crispy and can become sluggish. Therefore, make sure the castel is cold at room temperature before entering it in the container.

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