Let's Make Your Own Watermelon Ice Cream at Home!

Let's Make Your Own Watermelon Ice Cream at Home!

Watermelon is the choice of not a few people when it's hot and needs to be fresh. Eating it straight away has been refreshing, after all if it is converted into many kinds of creations.

The content consists of 90 percent water, so it's not surprising if it feels so refreshing. If you want more fresh, you can add ice cream. Not ice cream with easy heavy texture for energy, here is a light watermelon ice cream recipe and it will make you addicted!

1. Materials needed

  •     2 cups of seedless watermelon shaved cubes
  •     2 cups of grandchildren liquid full cream
  •     1/4 teaspoon of vanilla extract


2. How to make it not as neat as you think

  • Put all ingredients in a blender, puree. Pour in a container and freeze in the freezer for about three hours.
  • After being frozen, put the watermelon mixture back into the blender and puree. After that, freeze again in the freezer for a number of hours.
  • After being smoothed a second time, you can pour it into a popsicle and add ice cream sticks.

3. Some tips that you can do

  • You can add heavy cream, sweetened condensed milk or yogurt to make the texture softer.
  • Don't hesitate to mix watermelon ice cream with various pieces of fresh fruit, like strawberries, grapes, blueberries, and so on.
How, ready to try to make it yourself at home? Happy creation!

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