Must Try the Christmas Cake

Must Try the Christmas Cake Recipe

1. S'mores Egg Rolls

The surrounding area of ​​S'mores is only served as a pile of graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate, now the variation is not less. One of them was rolled in a piece of dumpling skin. Crispy on the outside, melted inside!

2. Chocolate Rum Balls

Chocolate truffles are sweet treats, the technique makes them not complicated because they don't need an oven. If you do not consume the original rum liquid, you can replace it with ice rum which is not sold in cake shops. The taste and aroma doesn't lose smell, really!

3. Christmas sugar cookies

Less thorough if there are no sugar cookies on the table. In addition, you can be free to create the format and decoration of the icing sugar.

4. No bake tiramisu tart

You can make tiramisu cakes without an oven even with the recipe above. Besides being practical, the preparation also does not take long periods of time.

5. Buche de Noel

Log cake can be a treat for Christmas. You don't have to create the cake from the start, you can also decorate the sponge cake with butter cream resembling the format of the stick.

Now, where do you try the cake recipe first?

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