Unique Food Creations Inspired by 'Pufflova' Films

Unique Food Creations Inspired by 'Pufflova' Films

The YouTube channel is a forum for all content creators to stream their creativity. One of the content that is not slightly presented on YouTube is cooking content. Many YouTube users use this video platform to help them in cooking work, from daily food menus to unique foods.

'Pufflova' itself is one of the YouTube channels in Indonesia that contains cooking content. This channel has been witnessed more than 14 million times and has more than 300 thousand subscribers. Diana Amelia, the owner of this channel, presents tutorials on creating unique foods, cakes, making fresh drinks, and making food inspired by films. Really unique? Now we peel 7 interesting food recipes inspired by the movie 'Pufflova' let's go!

1. Butterbeer - Harry Potter

For those interested in Harry Potter, of course, they are already familiar with this drink. Butterbeer is the favorite drink in this film. In the original recipe this drink contains alcohol, but 'pufflova' makes it without alcohol and can be served in cold or hot temperatures. Must try this!

2. Tubby Pudding - Teletubbies

Those of you whose childhood are interested in Teletubbies are certainly no stranger to the name of this cake. Yep, tubby pudding is a favorite food from Tinky Wingky and friends. The funny color creates this pudding looks delicious. 'Pufflova' tells us to enjoy this cute cake through the tutorial on creating tubby pudding in his style. Just practice it, guys!

3. Dorayaki - Doraemon cake

For enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts Doraemon certainly understand the name of this cake. The most famous name of dorayaki is like the film. Doraemon's favorite food has not been made in the original version. Well, here 'pufflova' is also creative to create this cake with a recipe that he made himself.

4. Turkish Delight - Narnia

Inspired by the story in the Narnia film where among the characters are very fond of food has the name Turkish Delight. 'Pufflova' mentions that this food is a kind of candy with a sweet, red flavor obtained from strawberry flavorings with a chewy texture on the outside and soft on the inside. Very suitable for you sweet food lovers!

5. Melon Dorami Bread - Doraemon

If Doraemon's favorite food is dorayaki, then his sister's favorite food, Dorami, is melon bread. Has a crispy texture on the outside and soft on the inside. Despite the name melon bread, but this bread does not use melon as an ingredient.

The material used is the same as creating an ordinary cake. With a touch of creativity by 'Pufflova' creating bread is similar to that found in Doraemon films. Must explore the location, huh!

6. Krabby Patty - Spongebob Squarepants

Who doesn't know the name of this one food. Krabby Patty is a food created by Spongebob in Mr.'s restaurant. Crab. These foods are burgers that contain thick pieces of meat, melted cheese, pickles, and lettuce and tomatoes. 'Pufflova' serves the favorite food of the residents of Bikini Bottom with perfectly cooked meat, without pickles, but success looks the same as the one usually cooked by Spongebob at the Crusty Crab. For interested people, Spongebob must explore this recipe too!

7. Ice ABCD - Upin and Ipin

Ice ABCD is the favorite drink of Upin Ipin and friends who are usually bought in Uncle Muthu. ABCD itself is short for Durian Ice Cube, which in Indonesia may be called durian ice. The way to make it is quite easy, just like creating mixed ice found in Indonesia. You immediately see the ingredients and techniques to make it in the 'Pufflova' tutorial video!

Now that's 7 recipes from Diana Amelia or 'pufflova' inspired by the film. See other interesting recipes directly on the YouTube channel. Happy creation!

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